Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Butterfly Release

We purchased caterpillars this year. It was so fun watching them grow and eventually become butterflies. We kept the butterflies inside for a couple of weeks because it was not warm enough outside to let them go. The butterflies mated and then we ended up with more caterpillars. Well actually, we ended up with just one more caterpillar.

We also made a caterpillar craft and colored a picture of a butterfly.

As soon as it was warm enough we were eager to let the butterflies go but then found out my neices were coming over the next day. So, we held it off for one more day because I knew they would really enjoy it too. I am so glad the timing worked out and we got to share it with them.

The butterflies sort of hopped out of the habitat before they actually flew away. It looks like Braedon was trying to grab one of them.

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Alicia said...

How fun!! We loved doing this study two years ago. I am sure your nieces enjoyed being a part of the butterfly release. :)