Monday, April 18, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays (151-175)

151. The fact that I have been able to post this consistently for 7 weeks now
152. Simple life that moves slower instead of faster
152. Music that reminds me to cherish precious time
153. Our God is greater...
154. Wonderful Palm Sunday worship service at church
155. Sweet reminder that Jesus died to set me free and can overcome ANYthing I am struggling with
156. 3 mile walk with great friends to support CPS
157. Resurrection Eggs
158. Watching a friend's sweet child dancing and not being able to sit still during adult worship
159. Braedon actually danced during kid worship (still encouraging him to sing and dance)
160. Kaley wearing pink sparkly shoes with a blue dress and that they were cute enough to not worry about the colors matching
161. Weather mild enough not to run the heat or air conditioning
162. Everyone's safety during yet another severe storm (which we were out in) this past weekend
163. My bosses generosity
164. Prayer and monetary support for crisis pregnancy centers
165. The second night ever that Garrett has slept all the way through (and he is 8/12 months)
166. Sharing homemade granola bars on a few occassions and they are a big hit...recipe from kitchenstewardship
167. Braedon becoming more social (breaking out of his shell that he seems to be in everywhere else except home)
168. Kaley counting to, two, seven, eight, nine (too cute)
169. Spiritual growth
170. Ultimate Blog Party at 5minutesformom
171. Meeting new bloggers from above (now if only I had time to keep up with them)
172. Winning a prize from #170 (a custom crochet hat, not sure if I will get one for myself or for Kaley) from CaliCreations
173. People who aren't afraid to be "real", sharing, learning, and growing together
174. Garrett is constantly verbal now raising the volume level once again in our house but I wouldn't want it any other way
175. Local libraries were not closed as originally suggested by the county because of budget cuts

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See Jamie blog said...

OK, seriously, you win a new prize every week! I've been blogging for years, and recently won my very FIRST ever prize. You must have some special bloggy-prize magic. ;)