Monday, April 4, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays (101-125)

101. Our butterflies hatched
102. Flowers in our garden to use in feeding the butterflies
103. Sweet comments from sweet friends on my blog
104. Winning another blog giveaway
105. Parent's night out ministry...AWESOME!
106. My instinct to take Garrett to the doctor
107. The kids acted well behaved at a birthday party
108. Our second installment of family time went wonderfully
109. Encourage one another and build each other up
110. Jesus ministry
111. Babies
112. Garrett's RAD was caught early and hadn't gotten too bad
113. Advice from trusted friends
114. Watching the kids play, run, and laugh
115. The power of prayer
116. Sunshine
117. Everyone was safe during a series of severe storms over the past couple of weeks
118. My Accounting skills
119. My husband's cooking skills
120. A great friend being recently engaged
121. Catching up with another great friend
122. A great friend giving Braedon a surprise from Educational Insights
123. Online recipes like this granola bar one I am getting ready to try
124. Bible app on my phone
125. Cool bible devotions on said Bible app


See Jamie blog said...

You're just winning prizes left & right! :)

Love your list again this week!

Melinda said...

A husband in the kitchen is always a gift!