Friday, July 16, 2010

Am I Bored?

This is a picture of the front of a super-cute greeting card I received appropriate. :-) The inside says "waiting with you in prayer"

Amazingly enough, I am not bored. I have watched very little T.V. and no movies. I have browsed through the hospital materials they have given me, which include some early parenting information for pre-term babies, patient packet containing info on hospital amenities, other patient paperwork, etc...That is about as close as I have come to looking at magazines. I really have more of a desire to spend quite time with God, do bible study, pray, read, blog, journal, sleep, eat, and visit with people on the phone and in person. My dear sweet husband has been coming up with the kids for several hours each day. Of course, a 3 & 1/2 year old and 1 & 1/2 year old in a hospital room is anything but boring. I do have wheelchair privileges so we take a ride with the kids sitting on my lap and daddy pushing us. Combine all that with visiting with doctors and nurses, two hours a day of monitoring, and a shower and I really don't have much more time to pass. I also know that the purpose for me to be a light in the world includes this time while I am in the hospital. I am praying for God's leadership in that and have begun to build nice relationships with the staff who is caring for me. It is always my prayer that He be glorified in all I say and do. I am hoping and praying that people here will see His light in me.


Victoria said...

You actually sound quite busy on bed rest. I am exhausted just reading about it!

KeepEmCookin said...

If you get bored, I hope you'll stop by and meet the other pregnancy bed rest moms at the KeepEmCookin forum:

We have many mamas on hospital bedrest on the forum. Also, I post an "Idea of the Day" here:

I did 6 weeks of bedrest for my daughter and nearly 4 months for my son. This will all be worth it! I promise! You can reach me on the forum any time. --Angela