Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Few of Braedon's Favorite Things

We went to a fast food restaurant recently and on the kids meal box was a cute fill in the blank story. I wanted to memorialize it here since at this point in time it indicates some of Braedon's favorite things. And, it is a pretty cute story. The words in bold are the blanks that had to be filled in. The rest of the story was pre-printed.

This morning, Braedon and Jax went upstairs to make the craziest fish the world had ever seen! It was made of play dough and colored blue. It was so great that it won a prize in the Christmas day parade.

Jax-pet's name
upstairs-favorite place to play
fish-anything you want
play dough-most favorite thing ever!
blue-favorite color
Christmas-favorite holiday

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Victoria said...

This is a great idea - to "interview" your kids every few months just to see what they say. I love how we can use blogs to memorialize things ... in our busy lives we forget so much!