Monday, March 7, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays (1-25)

I am starting my journey counting my way to one thousand gifts. Quite often, I am thankful in my head but it is so much more powerful to get it out of my head and into words.
Here I go:
1. Jesus Christ
2. A wonderful husband
3. Awesome kids
4. When Braedon says, "mom, I love you" out of the blue
5. Very still, quite time with just me and God
6. Great church home
7. Routine, structure, plans
8. Every second I get to spend with my kids
9. Modern medicine
10. Music that leads me to the cross
11. Family prayer time
12. Spontaneous worship
13. Technology (when used for good)
14. Books and reading to my kids
15. Library, especially the fact that I can reserve items online and then just go pick them up
16. Braedon learning more sight words and reading some
17. The privilege of teaching my children
18. Babies
19. Mongolia and the opportunity to learn about and pray for them-Tots on a Mission
20. Maps, specifically the world map we recently purchased
21. That I am actually interested in geography and know where Mongolia among other places is now (no I never paid attention in school)
22. Sleep
24. Blogs
25. Marriage

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See Jamie blog said...

Way to go on starting to count your gifts!