Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Learning Area

I hesitate to say "school" area because we aren't officially *in* school yet. I want to focus more on free learning and not much structure right now. But, this is where we go for structured learning. The posterboard in the back displays our Raising Rock Stars Preschool lesson that we are doing. Braedon and Kaley have chosen to display some of their artwork in this area too (I let them hang it wherever they want to). There are workboxes in the back with their initials on top. We tried to just get Braedon one and that didn't go over so well so we had to get one for Kaley too. :-) Never too early to start getting her used to the idea, I guess. I just fill it with fun stuff for her and a worksheet here and there if I notice she likes certain ones.
The table was given to me by a great friend and is perfect for little people to sit at and work on crafts or worksheets. There isn't a whole lot of wall space in our little area so I taped the world map to the top of the table. I think it looks pretty neat there.

The thing I love most about this area is that it is part of our living room and just off of our dining room and kitchen, which are the three rooms we spend most of our time in.


Faith Girl said...

That is really cute! I like how you set it up!


Victoria said...

Sabrina insists on trying to be just like her big sister too. Do you like the workboxes?

Tina said...

Hey Victoria,
I LOVE the workboxes and the concept behind them. He (they) are so young that they will likely need my help with everything but long term the workboxes will be for them to just be able to go get started on their work and not need my initiation.

I have to be diligent in re-filling them. Braedon loves them too and runs right over to see what is in them.