Sunday, May 16, 2010

Posting Schedule Change

I am altering the schedule of my blog posting:
1. I was starting to feel like a slave to my blog with wanting to post everyday
2. I was having trouble coming up with a relevant Tuesday post for what I said my topic for the day would be...Tuesday will probably become my random/rambling day
3. I added Tot School, which will be posted every Sunday and will be a chronicle of our week as it relates to school/activity
4. I am going to combine the Monday week in advance post with how things went last week. Therefore, I won't need the scheduled Thursday weekly check-up post. This may also become a random/rambling sort of day
5. I am definitely keeping the Wednesday recipe and (Un)Forgetful Friday
6. I still want to keep pictures on Saturday because I want to be more intentional in looking for photo opportunities...not just with the kids but in general
Hopefully this will still keep a level of intentionality and purpose but provide for some free days so that blog posting does not take much time out of my day.

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