Monday, May 17, 2010

The Week In Advance

Thank God that He has shown us how to incorporate family bible reading time and family prayer time and given me peace about the fact that it isn't perfect. But, pure joy that at least it is happening more often than not. We will continue to make this a priority.

I am trying to pray more with the children throughout the day too. There are certain scenarios where I want to stop what we are doing and pray out loud with them in the moment.

I am still so thankful that my wonderful husband is willing to study God's word with me. We have been keeping up with our weekly bible study...this week we will be studying Amos.

I am becoming re-acquainted with and am slowly but surely working on getting my house in order. I can't (physically) do everything I want to do but I have been trying to work in some things to add a new level of cleanliness and organization to our home. I am looking to continue sorting through her ideas and implementing those that make sense for my home.

I am sure we will be harvesting some more of our apple mint as I just noticed it is overgrown again! I have a neat idea of what to do with it. Hmm...maybe that is another blogpost: ideas for apple mint. :-)

I want to be more intentional about looking for photo opprtunities.

Ideas for the week as it relates to school/toddler activities:

He has one bible verse completely memorized with reference and all (Psalm 17:8). I have been trying to get him to start reciting a new one. However, he hasn't been very cooprative yet. I am going to stay at it this week and figure out a new approach. We are going to continue working on spelling his name. I think we can move to a new letter to focus on now and am planning to move to Pp. He seems to be pretty clear on Dd and Bb now. There are lots of cool ideas I have seen from other Tot School moms that I am planning to try out this week. More about those in my Tot School post for this week. Of course, I want to build in plenty of reading time and one on one snuggle time. I am still thinking about how to get him some room time so I can have alone time with Kaley but I haven't come up with any ideas yet.
I am going to try color sorting with Kaley again. Kaley discovered finger painting last week and so I will probably expose her to that again this week. I also think I should spend some time working with her on saying some words. I can tell that she wants to talk so bad but only sounds that don't really resemble words are coming out. I want to work some with her on pointing to body parts. A few toys that I could have intentional play with her are her purse, shape sorter, and nesting blocks. I still want to figure out a way to get some more one on one time with her.

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