Friday, May 28, 2010

(Un)Forgetful Friday (Daily Bible Reading)

Something that I have been super-excited about our family implementing recently is daily bible reading. We thought for about a week about how we could do daily bible reading with two small children. My very wise husband suggested that we try at the dinner table after we finish eating because it is one of the few times we are all still and mostly quite together. So, our new center piece for our table is Braedon's My First Study Bible. It stays in the center of our table so we have a constant reminder. After we finish eating, daddy picks it up and starts reading where we left off the night before. It is a training process and it doesn't look perfect. Mostly the kids start giggling and sometimes yelling. We encourage them to be quite and listen by saying "you have to be quite so you can listen to the story." A few days ago after we finished lunch, Braedon said he wanted to read the bible. He went and sat down in daddy's chair and opened up the bible. Then, he said, "Kaley, you have to be quite so you can hear the story" and proceeded to ramble on pretending like he was reading the story.

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Jamie said...

Yay for getting them started on the habit so young! And the story about Braedon reading to Kaley is so cute!