Friday, May 7, 2010

(Un)Forgetful Friday (cute things the kids are doing)

-With popsicle in his hand Braedon comes up to me and says what sounds like "screwed it up, mommy." After careful interpretation I figured out he was saying "scoot it up, mommy" because his popsicle was below the top of the stick.
-Kaley is trying to talk in sentances but it comes out more like just a series of different sounds that don't really resemble words. Though the tone sometimes sounds like she is asking a question. Then, Braedon says, "I don't know, Kaley" in a really cute, sweet voice.
-Unfortunately, I have had to say more than once, "Kaley, get your head out of the toilet."
-Braedon is so proud of himself for using the potty and runs out of the bathroom exclaiming "I did it, mommy"...every time he goes. Then he goes back in the bathroom to flush the toilet and says "bye, bye pee pee, thanks for coming." It is really pretty cute!
-Braedon has memorized his favorite book, Curious George at the Aquarium. When we are reading it, I will read a line or two and then stop so he can say the next line.
-Kaley rides the toy firetruck (yes, the infamous firetruck), while Braedon rides the tricylce around the living room, kitchen, dining room.
-They love to whatever toy happens to be playing music or whatever music we have on the radio. Sometimes, I walk into their bedroom to check on them and Braedon says, "mommy, we're dancing" in his cute little three year old voice while they are both hopping and swaying.
-Braedon is learning how to water the grass and loves being outside and looking at all of the pretty flowers in our garden. He says, "their beautiful." But, it comes out more like "their beaueeful" or "their so pretty."
-Braedon has memorized one bible verse so far and If I say to him, Braedon, tell me your bible verse, he sort of gets all bashful looking and says, "keep me as the apple of your eye, psalm 17,18,19,20." Though it is supposed to be Psalm 17:8a...close enough! :-)

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Faith Girl said...

That sounds like they are cute!!!