Saturday, May 8, 2010


I was making dinner the other evening and heard a quick knock and ring of the doorbell. I knew from the sound of it that it was a delivery man because they just knock fast, loud, and ring the doorbell all at the same time. On my way to the door I was thinking to myself that I was not expecting anything. Sure enough, it was a delivery and it was from 1-800-ProFlowers! I couldn't even wait to open it so as the kids sat at the table eating and watching me, I opened the box. It was an Orchid sent to me from my mom and dad for Mother's Day. It is a really pretty purple color and is going to go perfect in our bedroom, which has gotten cleaned out and organized lately. I had been thinking that I wanted a flower for the room. I am now getting a taste of just how hard my mom and dad's job was in raising me and my brothers. It is the kind of thing that I don't think I ever would have realized before I had my own children. I want to always honor my mother and father and am very touched that they are encouraging and honoring my role now as a mother. Thanks, Mom & Dad. I love you!

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